Clockskin scheduler?


Anyone know that, any similar app exist or developed to our watches to clockskin format?
Would be nice to control in one app, the day/nite version, or some clockskin auto change…

If something like this existed I would love it

Have you read this ?

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Also recently the developer made a Day’n’Night app, which can switch between specific day and night watchface at your chosen times :ok_hand:
Then you can have a beautiful bright watchface during the day, and a dim watchface in the evening.

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This is what I’m currently using seems to work well with universal launcher

Hello all.,
I have the Clockskin app installed on my Kospet Prime.
I installed a few watch-faces just a few days ago, however, for the past few days when I point my desktop computer browser to the addresses as specified by the Clockskin app on my watch - I get no response with the browser and the connection times out.

Over the course of a few days, the Clockskin app has specified various addresses but I get the same result each time. As a result I cannot use the app to install additional watch-faces.

Is this happening elsewhere? Does anyone know how to resolve this? Thank you…

are both devices connected to the same network?

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Hi @noidremained, yes always.