Clockskin maker Tutorial

Hi everyone! I am a new member here at this amazing community. I am a pensioner with loads of time and are keen to try my hand at creating Clockskins. I could not find a understandable tutor online (the latest had no sound!) It would be kind if you could direct me to a comprehensible tutor.
Where do a download the official Clockskin maker and is it free?


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Do you have a Smart Watch? If So what Brand and Model, Please! :sauropod:

Download it here FREE:

Why not use Watch Face Designer?:grin:


@walker11 Hi Walker, As much as it pains me to do so :woozy_face::grin:, I have to agree with @Louis_Peek here mate. Watch Face Designer is extremely easy to use…and I can prove that statement by the fact that, I…Me…Doons was able to create a watch face using it (Admittedly with some great help from the members on here) and if I can do it…it MUST be user friendly! :rofl: Cheers, Doons


Also, you’ll find some video tutorials from Marco on WFD, on our YT channel.


Hi Louis-Peek, Can you design Clockskins with Watch face Designer?

Thaanks doubledad. I have downloaded Clockskinmaker.

ALL of my watch faces were designed with Watch Face Designer and a paint program called “Paint. net” …


Tried csm. Couldn’t figure out a thing. Wfd made it easier. Csm looks ancient. Does csm have any advantage over Wfd?

No, CSM is not better.


You can use some array types not supported in wfd but too buggy for rectangular watches

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These days only doing things that grow my belly not doing anything that grows my skills. Wanna spend some time and learn stuff

Stay with WFD it is upated from time to time unlike CSM.

For photoshop like program I use because I can write code in it; It is also FREE!