Charging issue? i must try many times to start charging

Hello there,
is there anyone having some problems with charging Prime?
EVERY TIME I attempt to charge it I must keep trying for many, many, and many times before it starts charging! it charges normally but after tens of tries.
I have no idea why!
I always make sure that the charging pins are correctly aligned to the charging hols
but where is the problem?
does anyone have any idea?

Are the connectors clean on the watch and charger ? A small amount of alcohol usually works

always clean, but always pain to charge :face_with_thermometer:

This is probably an issue with the dock connector, the contacts need to perfectly align.
Try to slowly rotate the watch inside the dock until you have a connection.

If the pins are uneven on the dock, this will even more complicate the process.
You might try to get a replacement.

tried as well, tried everything, only Luck works.

I agree. Cleaning certainly helps, those times where it seems completely impossible, but I never just settle my watch on the charger and see it start charging - even after cleaning, I have to rotate and push up down a couple of times.
It’s the only smartwatch I ever had with such problems. Garmin works fine with pins, Fossil works fine with pins. Settle and leave it - no need to see if it starts charging - it just does…

Honestly tried a lot , tried almost every possible way.
Only Luck works.

I’ve found that if I put the Prime on the charging dock first and THEN plug in the USB cable to a charger it seems to work better. I take some care to make sure it feels centered in the dock before plugging it in to the charger. Also I use a USB volt / ammeter on the charger which tells me fast if it is aligned and charging. One of the USB volt /ammeters I use will go black if it isn’t aligned correctly. I think some USB chargers will shut down briefly if they detect a short or similar as that is what seems to happen sometimes if I don’t have it aligned well.

Sadly i dont have that voltameter

You can find them for about $2 on ebay or probably a bit less from China sites. Really a good thing to have as they let you know how much charge current is being used and while most mobile devices and watches will hit 100% charged before they are really fully charged you will know when they have actually maxed out when you see 0.00 amps going in. I find lots of uses for them and at the price they cost there isn’t much reason not to have one IMO.

edit: It’s only been a year or two since I bought one of these but I’m having trouble finding one in a quick search for $2 - it looks more like around $4 or so now but I haven’t checked yet where you might find them for less.

This is the one I use. I have tried others but like the large easy to read screen of this one. Also it has bluetooth function where you can monitor it also from your phone, if you want to.

USB Volt/Amp Meter

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i didn’t get the idea of using this
how that works with kospet and how that could help?

It might be a problem with the charging dock itself. I remember there was an user with a dataconnection- issue. He solved it by opening the dock (3 screws under the rubber ring). Then he put a little tape between the back and the contacts.

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You commented, “sadly I don’t have that voltameter.” I was just offering a suggestion on which one to buy. droidtrix comments explained why it is a good idea to use one for troubleshooting problems with your watch or charging source. It is connected inline between your charger and the watch. I use it every time I charge my watches so I know if I have a good connection and how much voltage and amps is being applied to the watch. It also tells you how much amperage was transferred to the battery upon completion of the charge.


I would say that almost every Prime owners have pbl on charging theyr watchs…kospet prime 2 was my divine answer, with the wireless charging, but they cut that spec at last minute…

Not to tease you… :wink: The problems will be solved, soon.


Try cleaning the back end of your watch thoroughly(the connector points)

honestly, I’m not very optimistic about that :frowning:

When i connecting charger first i put connectors to the connector points and then rest. Always fits :slight_smile:

I only occasionally have a problem with charging and don’t consider it a problem. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones to get a revised charger dock?