Charger cable for Kospet Prime 2 Watch

I have a Prime 2 and really like the watch but have misplaced my charging cable. I have an idea where it is but cannot check until tomorrow. This got me thinking that I need to get another cable to either use as a backup or replace the one I have in case I cannot find it. I cannot find anybody selling one anywhere! Kospet no longer seems to have them on their website and I cannot even find them on Ebay. There is an old post on this forum where somebody states that the charging cable for a Kronos Genesis watch would work, but I cannot find information about that or even verify if that is true. It is like this watch never existed! I really wish somebody would make a smartwatch that used a USB-C cable to charge it. I would not be having this problem now! Any help would be appreciated!

I can confirm that the Genesis charging cable is also reversed and also works for the Prime 2.
However, I’m afraid that finding such a cable is equally difficult.
Aliexpress is usually the best place to get replacement parts.

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Kospet have none and all the genuine ali express ones are now unavailable ?

Be carefull not to buy one that can damage your watch

Alternatively, you can buy a normal cable and cut it. Then check which two cables supply the 5V voltage and change the polarity.

That actually sounds like a good idea! Do you know of any that will attach to the watch where I can modify them like that? There are a few on Amazon that look promising, but the other problem with these cables is the spacing of the pins on the connector. I have two other smart watches that use cables like this and I have tried attaching them to the Prime 2 without them being plugged into a USB port, and they do not stay. One is a watch made by Lemfo that I bought several years ago and the other is a model DM30 by an unknown maker! lol Thanks for your reply!

I emailed Kospet and will see what they say! I have tried a few cables that I have like this for two other watches I have but I did not have the cable plugged into a USB port. They did not stick and the pin spacing on the connector was different.

Plan B for me would be to buy a new Android watch like the Prime 2 but I am betting I will have a hard time finding one with a 2 inch screen. At the time I bought this Kospet the only other watch I found that had a 2 inch screen was made by Garmin and it was about $700.00!

I saw that Kospet has charging cables for their Optimus 2 on their website. It looks very similar to the Prime 2 connector. Does anyone know if that would or would not work with the Prime 2?

Interestingly, when i bought my Prime 2 directly from Kospet I also bought a 2nd charging cable for the Prime 2 from them. That accessory cable (directly from Kospet) connects in the opposite direction compared to the cable that came with the watch. But since I got it directly from Kospet, I assumed the polarity was fine and it has charged the watch fine for me. I have not tried data transfer with the 2nd cable though.

The Prime 2 and Optimus 2 have completely different charging cables. Reversed polarity

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Does that mean if you pulled out the 2 magnet cylinders and switched them (and glued them in) it would work?

Theoretically yes. However, I have so far failed to loosen the magnets. This only worked sporadically, whenever I did NOT want to remove the magnets…

The charging cables for the Kospet Optimus 2, LEMFO Lem 12pro, 14, 15 and 16 are all the correct size but with the reverse polarity. These cables could be modified for the Prime 2, either by turning the magnets around or by changing the cables. I’m not sure if the data cables need to be replaced as well. therefore I would change the cables and only use the two cables for the voltage.


Prime 2 cables are still available and cheap.
It’s possible to mess around trying to modify a different cable but it’s actually quite risky and a simple mistake will kill the power chip in the watch.
The factory that made the Prime 2 did this deliberately unfortunately.

My advice is to get the correct cable and don’t risk it. It’s not like you will be able to replace the watch if it goes wrong.
Just my opinion.

Thank you, but where can I purchase them? I emailed Kospet and they verified that they no longer have them because they no longer make the watch. I have scoured the internet looking for them! :slightly_smiling_face:

Not available on Aliexpress?
Search D09 Charging Cable…

Thank you, but that is not the cable for the Prime 2. The Prime 2 uses one with a 4 pin connector. :slightly_frowning_face:

So, if I find one for sale and you don’t… Is there a reason why?

Like this one for example?
All the devices from the Xinyi factory are listed.
The same cable works for the Genesis watch as well. Same factory.

Just curious why you could not find it…?
I just searched Aliexpress for “charging cable for Kospet Prime 2 watch”,


Thank you! Not sure how I missed that as I did search AliExpress. I also searched Temu which is a favorite of a co-worker of mine! Old age I guess! Thank you again and I am going to order a few!! :smile:

Just ordered two of them and according to AliExpress I should see them in about 3 weeks. I have never ordered anything from them, but they did offer free returns if the cables did not work. I found my original cable so I am good until they arrive! Thanks again Pablo and all of you!