Casio new version


new version here: Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents

My newest clockskin.
All part made by me…

Credit to Casiowatches
CASIO Official Website | CASIO

Idea it was here:

Trying to made one digital clock, oldscool,
and littlebit unconventional. :slight_smile:
Left side: second anim, on top : second x10 anim.
Right side battery indicator.

Really enjoyed to made this, hope you enjoy to use!

Free to use for this community!


Nice 1, Thanks

How to apply? (I know, newbie question, but still valid…)

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@Thomas_Muriel ​​ you need to make a folder on your watch named Clockskin then unzip the file on your computer, then copy the folder containing the watchskin files into the clockskin folder on your watch. To do that plug your watch into the computer via usb. look at videos on youtube from smartwatchticks He details it in some of his videos.

Ok! :slight_smile: (thanks!!!)

Very cool and professionel!
All parts are perfekt, Great :slight_smile:
Thank you

@Di_Di thanks :slight_smile:

Master work thank you

Very nice. Thank you.

Muito bom, parabéns…

nice, thank`s


Very Special Skin,Thanks

Awesome and most perfect

@zsolt_m can I adapt it to kw88? Tia

@zsolt_m Great design man :slight_smile: but could be better without that black bezel (fullscreen) cause it looks small on the x5+

@Michael_Boctor I’v x5+ too, and looking good. I made here small bezel. Thats the design . :slight_smile:

@zsolt_m ​ it is a great watch btw man ,you are a great designer :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:

@Michael_Boctor Thank you .)

@Michael_Boctor you can use standalone app or universal launcher from Eric. You have zoom option if you double tap.