Casio new version

@Lucian_Adrian_Enache ​ Thanks man will try and see

Nice one @zsolt_m

Love your work…can you do the F05 watch face?

Hi, google+ closed, can you give us a link for download?

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Where’s the download link for this watch face

Awesome! thank you! Easy to read!

Awesome! thank you! Easy to read and the color is cool!

Hello my friend… nice watch, love it. Can I please post it again. The link above goes to the g+page witch is closed.

If you look at post #25 in this thread you’ll see that Eric has already shared a working link with us

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Ok tnx and again nice work


Please stop asking for pirat copys. This one is a paid face from the playstore.

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Google+ doesn t work any more. How can i download this watchface?

Download link isn’t working.

@esot_anopoli, @Kevin_Stueber, look at this post by Eric:

Can it be reloaded?
Only this version, not the “” version.

Moved to lost round faces.