Casio Edifice Toro Rosso

Hi guys.
can someone make these faces ?

Thank you for your availability



The experience of the past few years clearly shows that formulations like “please” or “thank you in advance” are helpful for face requests…


you are absolutely right, I apologize and I have corrected the post


Thank you in advance sir, please sir make it,you are genius sir i know you can make this one

lol now thats counter productive


Allright guys here’s the link to the ‘Casio Toro Rosso’ clockskin originally created & posted her by Jacek_Klodzinski.
I just happen to had it in my collection and as the links to original are long dead due to Google+ closure, I thought I might share again this wonderful work of art with you people.

All credits to the original creator of this watch face (Jacek_Klodzinski) & also


Download link -

Thanks to @noidremained for pointing to the original designer’s thread for credits.


thanks @Cosmo_De … i love that watch

could be this one by @jacek: CASIO Toro Rosso Made by me in PSP and WFD using original picture.
the download link in that thread doesn’t work anymore though

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unfortunately many on the links no longer work … too bad

@Cosmo_De your faces is too nice but you no have pubblic profile, i no see all your work :frowning:

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Thanks a lot for pointing to the original designer’s thread for credits, updated my post with the same credit links.


Sorry about that sir, but I have no idea on how to make my profile public here so that all can see my work.

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It’s just Awesome

Maybe you could view my profile and all my work here -

Please let me know if that helped and if that was what you meant in your comment

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on your profile does not show me anything

Very sorry again about that sir, but I really have no idea how to make my profile public here so that all can see my work. I am new to this site’s interface, Go I have to change any settings in my profile (I tried but couldn’t find one). Can someone please guide me. One thing for sure I have not modified any setting or permissions in the first place to keep my profile private/hidden. Mods sorry if this as getting off-topic by posting here.

@G1NT0N1C can you help Cosmo?

Unfortunately, this does not work as we know it from G + times. There is the option to click on the member’s page and filter the posts via -activity -topics.
Unfortunately, no pictures are shown here in the quick view. However, you can open any post from here.
Unfortunately we have not yet found a solution to display pictures in the quick view.


ah, okkkk.
thanks for help

As G1N pointed out you have to go into each thread to see the preview of a watchface, but the first problem was that Cosmos profile is hidden. @Cosmo_De, there is a setting to make your profile public, although it’s placement might not be the most logical one. In the preferences, go to “Inteface” and then under “Other” you will see the setting “Hide my public profile and presence features”


You are right! I never noticed because the admin view is always without restrictions.

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