CASIO Toro Rosso Made by me in PSP and WFD using original picture

CASIO Toro Rosso

Made by me in PSP and WFD using original picture.
It looks like my fifty watch face published here… :smiley: Am I right?



For UL:


i also use original pictures of my replicas they look more alive :slight_smile: good work! looks awesome! zajefajne :slight_smile:

Superb! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Very good Jacek!

@rodrigo_paez English please.

Woow… Cool Design. Great Work. Thank you.

Mr. @zsolt_m ​ The google+ application brings a built-in translator, it’s a matter of translating it and we all understand each other

Great job mate!

@Jacek_Klodzinski ​, which watch is it?

I get a Message of ‘filetype unsupported’ when i click on the link.
Any ideas, or advice.

By the way, i had to study the watch face in the image you posted above. It looks born rather than man made, way too perfect.

Hi. Looks great!!! Thanks
Is the any tutorial for creating watch faces???
I’m new in this and totally lost haha ( made in psp!!??)
Thanks again

There’s some videos on our YT channel made by Marco about wfd.


Thank you very much. Let the learning begin!!!

Link doens’t work anymore, could you upload it again please?

Link is fixed.

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Thanks a lot, this one is a master piece!!!

Link updated

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