Call contacts on watch to make calls on phone

hi, does anybody know of any program that puts contactwidget on your watch when you push it, it starts a call to the person on your watch…i know watch droid used to have it, but since android 10 it does not work anymore…i cannot believe that a thing as simple as that can not be achieved thru either bluetooth or wifi connection between watch and phone…maybe tasker or macrodroid? i really need this feature as i am a busdriver and need to be able to start a phone caal on my phone by pushing a link on my watch…where are all the tech-experts? thanx

Bluetooth calling not supported . We have just found how to have a webpage shortcut on clockskins . Stay tuned

If you use watch Droid 9.1 you can do this but you need to have the ability to leave the phone screen on with the watch Droid app open to make it work. So it is not easy.

I know…but this is not doable…and even then you cannot end the call on the watch, you have to end it on the phone…too bad, because i think this is an option that a lot of user miss and would like on their watch…i would pay goor money for this…

In a upcoming firmware version when you open the " dialer " you can instantly see your google shortcut favourites . Works brilliantly so only TWO clicks needed . Obviously you need a clockskin with a dialer shortcut which is easy to do

wow…do you mean intagrated in watch droid or in the watch launcher? and does this place the call on your phone or on your watch? this would be great…

In watch , not phone but if you have a sim installed

i have a sim installed, but that is not the issue…my bluetooth headset is linked to my phone for music reasons, si i would like to be able to push a button on my watch wich starts a call on my phone so it goed thru my headset…

And the old version of watchdroid wont allow you to do this anymore on A10 ?

I always used the speed dial function on android 7.1.1 watches

no…when the phone is on android 10 it only works when your screen of the phone is on and watch droid is on the foreground, and even then you cannot end the call from the watch…when phonescreen is off or watch droid is in the background, it does not work…

you could buy a headset that can be connected to both the phone and the watch at the same time

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the problem is that the sim in the watch is just there as a backup when i forget my phone…my watch is tethered to my phone thru wifi…when someone calls me they call the phones nr…never the watch number…

I ended up creating a Google voice number that I give out.
The watch has its own number. My cell has its own number but neither of those are what I give out. I only give out the Google voice number because that rings on both

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nice…but not really what i am looking for…can you place a call from your phone by pushing the contact nr on your watch?

Nothing currently has the ability to do that. These are ways of making it so you don’t have to have different numbers so it doesn’t matter which one you call from.

watch droid used to until android 10 showed up…aah well…maybe i will look for a new headset with voice dialing…

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try this (older versions work better on my phone)

or this (you have to play with the settings a bit)

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Most headsets have the option for either push and hold for assistant or on mine it is triple tap on the headset to bring up google assistant. So just triple tap the button on headset and say Google call x and it will start the call no need for the watch at all in that case

i know, but sadly mine does not…maybe time for a new one…come on father christmas!!!

Is it only Android 10 that becomes the issue with using an old version of watch Droid ? Did your phone come with Android 9 can you do a matter reset back to original and just not do the update when it asks this time?