Bridge - new app for mirroring notifications across all your

I’ve been part of a closed beta user group helping on an app called Bridge which mirrors your notifications across all your Android devices.

They just rolled out in open beta limited to 5000 users.

Bridge not only mirrors but also let’s you reply, like delete etc. Basically everything as the original notification on your other devices.

They’ve also implemented two-way sync meaning if you dismiss your notification on one device, it dismisses it on all your devices.

You can read more and download it from here:…xitlabs.bridge

You can report suggestions & bugs directly through the app.

I’ve been using it for about a month on my tablet and smartwatch (KW88 running full Android 5.1) and it has been working pretty good.

Even though it still has some bugs here and there (which they hope you can help squash), I must say it is pretty convenient getting all my notifications on my watch and tablet.

Below I’ve copied the main points from their own Play Store listing

🗸 Mirror your notifications to other Android devices

🗸 Reply, Like, Delete etc. directly from another device

🗸 Two-way sync - all your devices interact with each other

🗸 Whitelist - control which apps that can mirror notifications

🗸 Encryption - all data between devices can be encrypted

It offers 14 days trial and costs $1.99 to unlock for life.

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great for Android user,no IOS to bad,but is ok at least someone is doing something wish you luck with this app

Aug 8, 2018 18:37:09 GMT 1 mrbijan said:

will try it:)

I would like to try it but on my smartwatch Google Play doesn’t show the app, and if I try to install from PC browser, it let me to install just on my phone and my tablet, while the smartwatch is greyed out.

Removed from Play Store…

No, I can install it on my tablet and smartphone, it’s the watch that is not compatible.

downloaded, installed and registered on my watch and phone. Does not work, messages are not forwarded to my watch

Downloaded it on my Moto G5 plus and on my Kospet Hope 4G standalone smartwatch. Works perfectly, even better than having to use Bluetooth for notification forwarding. With this app you get the notifications even if your device is powered off, or lost, or broken.

I was able to download it from the play store on my phone but had to sideload it onto my watch from a downloaded apk I got from

does this apk exist anymore?

I’m quite sure that Android 10 killed it. You might check tablet messenger. You’ll find it in the Playstore.

I managed to find it on the playstore by entering XitLabs, otherwise only card game apps appeared: D it seems excellent because it does not need a bluetooth connection to receive notifications from my smartphone on my kospet s, but I did not understand if you can respond to notifications, it’s nice because you can have your smartphone at home and still receive whatsapp notifications

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Can anyone help me?

try this

Unless you have multiple watches. Then it is easier to download to your computer and upload to the watches. Plus you have a copy on your computer in case you have to do a factory reset.

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It doesn’t work for my Lem12

Read the app details but still have a question or two. Does it work in the app itself, ie. Messages or connect through the Bridge-mirror app? How do the devices interconnect? Do you have to have Wi-fi or data connection on to receive the messages say on your watch?

You need to installed on all devices and login with the same account to make the devices interconnect, and yes, you need data connection or wifi to receive the messages.
This app can mirror all notifications on your app white list to all of your devices (smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, pc, laptop), and it works vice versa depends on your setting which devices will mirror notification and which devices will receive it.
the best part is, you can reply the mirrored messages from the device it self.
So if you didn’t take your phone, pc, laptop, etc with you (maybe while you do sport running), you can still reply the messages from your watch, and its vice versa.

I hope this will answer your question.
PS: sorry for my bad english because its my second language, hope you understand, cheers =D

Can you be more spesific? because i already use this apps for 9 months and haven’t got any issue.

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Sei italiano? Il mio inglese non è il massimo…

I login with phone and watch, on the phone I select Lem12 in the devices list and choose to mirror WhatsApp and calls.

But no notification is sent to Lem12.

I tried to do viceversa, from Lem12 to phone …and nothing, no notification is sent.

Even, If I try the “notification test” of the app itself, no notification is sent.

I already put off Bridge from the battery saver mode in lem 12…

I am Indonesian, not Italiano.

Have you checked your devices settings (phone & watch) :

  1. phone :
  • check notification access, bridge must be on
  • auto startup is on
  • need to running in the background
  1. watch :
  • turn off background cleaner for bridge application

If you still have issue after that try to :

  • restart your data connection
  • restart your devices
  • turn on mirror notifications immediately on bridge general settings
  • turn off “Android doze” on bridge application
    (you can try this step by one until it works)

its work for me

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