Brequet Classique 7785 & a question for @Eric_Crochemore

An elegant watch with working power meter with a restricted “sweep”, rather than a full 180°. The trick here was to set the Auto Rotation Multiplier to -3 which limited the angle to approximately 80°).

Eric - While this almost worked perfectly (I had to modify the gauge slightly), I have not been able to achieve other “precise” sweep angles because I either do not understand how the ARM works, or it can’t be adjusted in fine increments… Any thoughts?



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3 = 540 °
2 = 360 °
1 = 180 °
-2 = 90 °
-3 = 60 °
-4 = 45 °
-5 = 36 °
-6 = 30 °
Since unfortunately only whole numbers are accepted, the possibilities are limited.

Once again, Thank you… I never really know who to contact :hot_face:with these types of questions, so I first thought of Eric who I knew to be a math whizz, apparently ALL OF YOU are equally gifted! :innocent:

Nearly exact. In fact you can also use floating numbers…
the formula is simple :
if mulrotate >= 0 then rotation = v.mulrotate * rotation + v.angle
else rotation = rotation / math.abs(v.mulrotate) + v.angle

But i’ve not understood what was the angle to obtain ?

Thanks Eric, but I’ll need my coach @Louis_Peek to help me with the math/programming!

That’s what I would like to know also.

I did this thinking only whole integer values were acceptable…

The last two dials are identical, but the second to last demonstrates the masking method so you can see what’s going on. It can produce any angle sweep that is required, albeit exponential (sort of) at either end of the sweep.
Thank you, Eric for that example. BTW, is a syntax manual available somewhere for XML coding?

I did post a doc here :

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Very good! Thank you!