Boot Animation modification

In the past I’ve made and used custom boot animations on Android phones. I found a boot animation that was made for a phone that would be great on a round watch face since it is the round Stargate which looks like the startup of the TV series Stargate where you see the Stargate water like effect swoosh outward.

However after resizing and changing many of the images and trying a lot of things I have so far been unable to get the boot animation to work. I’ve done this on dozens of phones in the past so I know the routine that is generally needed.

I rename the original file in the system/media folder and the copy my new into that folder. Also on most phones I had to change ‘permissions’ for the file but adding permissions has not seemed to make any difference. So far no luck with a lot of trials.

I’ve been trying this on the Rollme S08. Original has images that are 360 x 225 pixels. The desc.txt file in the zip file has the following listed. Does anyone know what the number 24 does? Also some desc.txt files for other bootanimations have a letter ‘p’ instead of ‘c’ in them. I don’t know what either of those letters do so that may help resolve this if anyone knows about those couple items.
desc.txt from original Rollme S08 file:
360 225 24
c 1 0 part0
c 1 0 part1

If I can get this working I think some people would like this boot animation. It will involve resizing and changing format of 167 images to be complete so it’s a bit of work. So far my attempts with about 25 images does not work at all so before I spend the time to convert all 167 I’d prefer to get an idea that I can successfully modify a boot animation on a watch. Any help much appreciated.


Desc.txt file format:


Parameters in square brackets are optional.
WIDTH - (as it was) the width of the image in pixels
HEIGHT - (as it was) the height of the image in pixels
FPS - (as it was) demonstration speed, frame rate, measured in frames (frames) per second
TYPE - (new) instead of type “p” it is allowed to specify type “c”. Type “p” means that the animation will be interrupted if the system is booted. Type “c” means that even if the download is complete, the animation will still continue until the end of the current plot (unless the plot is with an infinite loop (COUNT = 0) - in this case there will be trouble, see below)
COUNT - (as it was) the number of cycles of the plot
PAUSE - (new) pause at the end of a given story before the next one is shown. Measured in frames. For example, if you set PAUSE = 5 with set FPS = 20, then the pause will be 1/4 second
PATH - (as it was) the name of the folder with the files of this plot
#RGBHEX - (new) background color (for those cases when the frame does not occupy the entire screen area, or has transparent areas). Specified as the ratio of red, green and blue in hexadecimal format (#RRGGBB). For example, a green background is set like this: # 00FF00
CLOCK - (new) vertical coordinate (Y) at which the image is located. Typically used in watches on Android.

When creating an animation, it is necessary to follow the rule - the last plot, if it is of type “c”, must not be infinite (COUNT ≠ 0), otherwise we will never wait for the device to be displayed on the screen.


Thanks noidremained and LineR - that’s just the kind of info I needed. I somewhat had guessed the third number was FPS. I was way off base in my wild guess about ‘c’ and ‘p’ though thinking it might be c for clock and p for phone - LOL.

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It took several hours but I finally got it. And didn’t even need to resize or rename anything. The biggest problem I was having was that my Zip packer was compressing the file and apparently you can’t do that with an animation on this watch so no compression and only a slight mod to the desc.txt file to reduce the size displayed so it would all fit on the Rollme S08 screen (and I’m sure it will fit other same size watches like the Kospet Prime) and it works great. I’m going to play with resizing the .jpeg’s now to see if it can be reduced in size some since I found a program that will resize all 167 files at once. Other than that it’s good to go if anyone wants to try it I’ll upload it. Currently the overall Zip file size is just under 9 megabytes. Here is a download link for anyone who wants to try this.

I believe you will need to have your watch rooted in order to copy this file to your system/media directory. I would suggest renaming your original first to something like and then copy the new file into the system/media folder. I didn’t find a need to change the permissions on the Zip file but if it isn’t working use something like Root Explorer to change permissions to owner, group and others -Read and owner - Write permissions.

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For anyone that would like a smaller bootanimation Zip file this one is about one fourth the size and still makes the animation full screen and on a screen this small I don’t notice much difference in quality or resolution of the animation. Lower resolution Stargate bootanimation zip file

I also changed the boot Logo.bin file as @noidremained mentions here: Logo changer

The info on the XDA forum is fairly good but the Logo change program didn’t work for me when creating an and using TWRP to flash it. So I used SP Flashtools to flash the newly created Logo.bin file and the scatter file for the Rollme S08. That worked fine and I now have a Rolex Stargate version instead of a Rollme :grin:

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Here is another cool boot animation - the Tesseract I setup for watches like the Kospet Prime or Rollme S08 size watch resolutions. Tesseract Boot animation zip file

Just rename it to and install into your system/media folder as mentioned above after you rename your current to something else.