Bluetooth phone calls

Hi All,
The SIM is put inside my DM100 watch but for certain occasions, I prefer to make phone calls and SMS on my phone. I have installed the wiiwatch 2 and the Watch Droid. My Andriod phone is paired with my DM100 watch easily but still cannot make the bluetooth calls from my phone. I do not want to use the second SIM card on my phone and is not practical to switch the SIM card between the watch and the phone regularly.
Please advise. Thanks in advance.

It is not advisable to have wiiwatch and watchdroid installed at the same time . Bluetooth calling only available on android 5.1 old watches . Not newer 7.1.1 watches

Thank you for your valuable info.

Understand from you that it is not possible for my phone to take over Andriod 7.1 Watch SIM’s calls by bluetooth. But, when I make calls by my watch, it shows a bluetooth symbol, so I am thinking of it may be possible to use a bluetooth headphone to complete a call.

It is not logical for a watch with a bluetooth feature but cannot make bluetooth calls. If it works, that means I can talk with someone on the phone easier in a noisy environment or during riding bicycle with two hands, etc… I will also uninstall the wiiwatch and watch driod as the advantage of link up my phone with my watch is not as important as making bluetooth calls by earphone.
I then try to pair my watch with a bluetooth earphone but not successful. It shows in valid password but I have no way to input a password. Just search and then click connect.
So, please clarify whether the Andriod 7.1 watch cannot have bluetooth calls including by bluetooth earphones and headphones?

Works perfectly with a bluetooth headset or car handsfree. Try a bluetooth version 4.0 or 5.0 headset. They do not ask for a password or try the 0000 or 1234 password. I use MPOW EM18 for phone calls. I use MPOW MAGNETO or KZ ZS10PRO + KZ BLUETOOTH to listen to music.


I try again with Airpod 2 and it works.
Thanks very much.