Bluetooth huawei p30 lite


I am trying the dual camera 4g watch connection with your gms huawei p30 lite but I have a problem. connected but when I want to connect on the watch its not working.

Need to know which watch you have and how you installed the Wiiwear app…?

For example, did you scan the QR code to install Wiiwear?
The version on the play store is very old and it needs to be installed by scanning the QR code to work correctly.

Most people use Watch Droid because it has far more functionality. The app is supported here on this forum and the developer has his own thread.

It is a 4g Wi-Fi sim card watch … On my mobile phone the name appears 9850 … I do not know exactly what its name is the model of the watch … I installed the Wiiwear application via a QRcode provided on the watch when I turn it on. The bluetooth is turned on that the two devices (whatch smart phone) the watch is displayed on my mobile phone on the bluetooth menu but the connection between them is not made outside the Wiiwear application (the sound tells me to connect I see my daily actions … Walk, heart rate …)

So it is connected. Why are you saying it is not ? What do you expect ?

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