Bluetooth connection problem

I am using Kospet optimus pro. Every time when watch is not in range, I have connect again and again to bluetooth.
Is there any way it get automatically connected like Samsung and LG smart watches

Is your watch and phone connected via wiiwatch app ? Or are you using watchdroid ? Or neither


I am using Wiiwatch only. I wanted to use Gear Watch but I couldn’t

If you need a stable connection, disable Wiiwatch and install Watchdroid.


Ok please guide me, how can I disable Wiiwatch and install watch droid.
Thanks in advance

Goto settings - uninstall aplications - wiiwatch - disable. Then download and install watchdroid from the playstore. There is a 2nd app, install it on your mobile.
Then on your watch: goto settings - more - backround Cleaner and disable watchdroid. Then pair your watch and your mobile phone.


Ok let me try this, but I am just asking if we can disable wiiwatch then can we install gear watch

No you cannot do this . Thanks


Hi, when I went into watch settings to disable wiiwatch, as per your instructions. In the background cleaner , I have only found battery saver.
Now I dont know how to disable / uninstall Wiiwatch.
Pls help me

Tap on battery saver.

Yes I did, tap is only for on and off?
Must I put on or off

Disable watchdroid in battery saver.

Hi guy’s need a bit of help. I’m using watchdroid with my Kospet Hope & Honor 10. Was working perfectly well until this afternoon. It keeps connecting then disconnecting pretty much straight away. Anybody out there have any ideas please, I would very much appreciate some help, cheers.

Its odd that it was fine and now its not ? I’m assuming you have not altered anything in your watch ? Have you disabled watch droid in battery saver ? Have you got wiiwatch also installed ? If so remove it along with watchdroid and start again . Have you updated anything lately ?

Wiiwatch wasn’t installed, haven’t altered anything. I did update clockskin Randomizer earlier 2day then I noticed a little later that watchdroid was not connected. I’ve uninstalled on watch & phone but is still the same. Also uninstalled clockskin Randomizer & reinstalled watchdroid again, still the same :thinking:

What version are you using ? . Uninstall again . Forget in bluetooth . Start again from scratch and try this version .

And dont forget to disable in battery saver

Let me know


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Originally the latest versions but since I uninstalled them it’s on watch & phone. I don’t know what version this is off the play store.

Try the version i have just posted . It will also do a lot more than you can do now :wink:

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Will do, thanx Tim, u guys really r fantastic. Thanx 4 ur immediate replys & help.

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No problem. Me and @G1NT0N1C use this version . Its great . Keep me updated