Bluetooth conection problem, Kospet Prime2

Please is anyone who knows? The Bluetooth connection between the watch and anything else, computer, phone, etc. is not stable. It connects and disconnects continuously, in second.
Is there a setting I don’t know about?

I had the same problem (Kospet prime) I just uninstall the wii watch 2 app (the default theatering app) and the problem was solved now the conection is very stable, rigth now I use watch droid.
I also use an app you can download in the playstore (Bluetooth Visibility Fix)

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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Other thoughts?

Are you using this with watchdroid on phone ?

Hi, It all started with the Watchdroid app and then I tried a simple bluetooth connection with the computer and even with the phone for a file transfer and the bluetooth connects and disconnects immediately.

Have you tried a factory reset ? I’m sure it wont be hardware related

Yes. I did it right now, and without any installed application the same thing happens. It seems that I can only synchronize contacts from phone to watch.
Only the contacts and internet option appear in my BT settings

If I want to transfer a file, I can’t through BT because it connects and disconnects continuously. The same goes for WatchDroid if I want to connect it with the watch.But I also mention that with Bt audio headphones it works.

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu In the case of WatchDoid, maybe, using a SIM card with a dedicated number, is not working but it is not explained why I can not connect to the computer or phone. Anyway, thank you for your support.

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Can i ask . Is watchdroid turned " off " under battery saver and data saver ? This avoids the app sleeping and should keep the two connected .

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I am familiar with all procedures. It was. Now it’s erased and uninstalled

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@Dr_Andy_Vishnu So, I’m not necessarily interested in the connection with watchdroid, but only the fact that I can’t connect for file transfer. although it can be done by other methods like USB direct wifi etc. Is there any new firmware other than the one that comes with the watch? Thank you for your patience.

Not yet but a update is coming . I am concerned your watch bluetooth was working and now it is not ? You should have no issues on the current firmware . A factory reset should have fixed this

How do you uninstall Wii Watch ?
When I tried, it looked like one of those factory installed apps, where you can only remove updates, but not the whole app ?

the tethering App for the prime2 is Wiiwear

You can delete every single app by using the software “minimal ADB and fastboot”