Bluetooth Calling For Android 7.1.1

Any further update on having BT calling feature on Android 7.1.1?. Is there no way out?!


someone is apparently working on it, but we’ll just have to wait and see


Thanks for your info!

Hi, everyone, cheers from Brazil! Kudos to Jason, Pablo and Mr. Ticks for their outstanding job with the Genesis. Keep it up! I was thinking about an alternative to bluetooth calling and I’d like to run it by you guys. Here in Brazil I’m able to redirect my calls by dialing a code followed by the number I want to redirect to in my phone (something like ++#). So by using an automation app (like MacroDroid) installed in my phone I can create a macro triggered by an specific device connected via bluetooth that runs the call redirect procedure. Then I can receive all incoming calls to my phone on my watch. The downside is I’m not gonna be able to tell who’s calling since the number appearing on my watch screen is that of my phone. What do you guys think?

Something like +CODE+NUMBER+#

ask Google to let you change settings in Android 7.1

@anon73267173 Ha ha, yes… :+1:
It is just not worth the effort.
So many people have tried to get around this problem ever since A7 came to our watches…

It shouldn’t be too much of an effort to do what @Wags talks about. The question is rather whether people would consider it a good enough solution, especially because they would need a sim card in the watch

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You’re absolutely right, @noidremained, but I figure people would already be looking towards using a sim card in order to enable 4G capability. There’s actually a little bit more to it if you really want to mimic a bluetooth calling functionality since you’d need a second macro running to disable call redirect in the event of the bluetooth device (the watch in this case) getting disconnected.

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