Best Spec watch with Bluetooth Calling and android 6.0 or 5.0

So initially I was trying to find a square face watch. But I think I will just settle for a watch with the best specs
What are the best phones with bluetooth calling and Adroid 6.0 or 5.1??? What are the options?

That may be difficult to determine since I would think everything being produced now is Android 7.1 it may be hard to find a lot of the older A 5.1 watches.
I would just go to several of the larger stores, Banggood, Ali-Express, etc. and see what is still available and then come back with your list of those available for our gurus to stiff through.


Good idea. Will do. I just recently discovered banggood and never bought from Ali express.
But I do see a decent amount of 5.1 and 6.0 on Ebay and Amazon.

Being in the USA ordering form overseas scares me based on the months it could take to get the product.

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Personally a tough one to call as these watches are so old and dated now ? For me if you are desperate for bluetooth calling i would go for the zeblaze thor pro with bigger screen . I wouldnt touch android 6.0 at all . Thanks


Hey Andy, this is off topic I guess (But then again, what would you expect from the Doons? :woozy_face: :rofl:) But why wouldn’t you “Touch android 6.0 at all”? Cheers, Doons

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Lets call it a in-between version of android . Not perfect by a long way .

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Thanks Dr! Checking that watch now. Is there a square face watch with similar specs???

Yes the main purpose of the watch will be to leave my phone in the car outside of my work’s building but still connect the phone to my works Wifi network. Connect my watch to the same wifi network and receive calls and text on the watch.

Trust me about this…
The last watch that was any good for this was the Thor Pro 3G with the 1.53 inch reflective screen.
The Android 6 implementation was terrible and prone to constant failure.
That is the bottom line here.


Well it wont really be a gimmick for me because I will no longer be able to have a cellphone inside of my work facility. However, they will allow watches and fitness trackers.
So my goal is to leave my phone in the car connected to the works wifi network. Connect the watch to the same wifi network and receive/make calls and text from my watch. Only having 1 phone number. And not having to pay extra on my plan for a seperate device.

I found a version of that phone but it looks like it has better specs. What do you think of this one?

4gLTE with more ram/rom. But same model???

Thanks I will trust you guys . I found the 4g version of that phone with more ram/rom
Are these specs false??
Or is the 4g with more ram/rom more prone to problems??

Leaving your phone in the car outside?
Forget it.
Leave a BT device inside a large metal box (car) and expect it to stay paired? No chance!!

This was designed to be working on devices within roughly 12 meters of each other…


This is the only one that is reasonably up to date with BT calling capability

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Seriously though, I had it when I was working on getting it up and running and I can tell you now… It’s pointless as far as I am concerned.

Getting a Sim card into the watch and leaving phone at home is the goal.

It’s pretty much possible now with watches like Genesis that have power reserves.

I don’t need my phone.

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People say they are doing it by having them connected to the same wifi network.

This stuff is over my head. But thought I would give it a try

Yeah well, people say a lot of things.
I work on real life and technical experience…

It’s a seriously pointless but very trendy function.
That’s it really.

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Yeah I was trying to avoid taking my phone out of the case and the sim card out every morning and evening.
But that probably is the easiest solution.

This method was just recommended to me by the I.T. tech at my job. Claims he is doing it on his Samsung wearable. But you are right I didnt see it demonstrated.

did you read the article you’re linking to?

  1. it’s about android wear smartwatches - the watches we discuss in this forum use full version android (it might happen that we go off topic, like discussing the gear s in the other thread)
  2. they only say the watch has to be connected to the internet, not that it has to be connected to the same wifi as the phone
  3. they say you can recieve and answer messages(you got that part right), but that you can’t make or recieve calls(you’ll get a notification when you recieve a call, but can’t answer it) and that you couldn’t even if you were connected with bluetooth

Yes I read it.

It said you cant answer or make calls because the watch being discussed does not have the hardware to support phone calls in general…

Also, are there any full android watches with e-sim yet??? That may be ideal for what I’m looking for

guess you’re right abou that

that would have been great, but as far as I know there isn’t any except for this:

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