Back button gets stuck

the back button gets stuck with my kospet optimus pro. are there more who have this? I sometimes have to get it back with my nail.

Go to the main page and click on Kospet Logo. There you will find several posts of button sticking problems.


Look at this post:

@pablo11 posted a trick a few weeks weeks ago. If the boton is just sticking, you might try a tiny drop of WD-40.


okay I will try, but first I contact the seller. purchased via ebay and paid with paypal.

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Ok, paypal is great for this kind of problems!:blush::+1:

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for future reference and prevention, i have found that using “smart touch pro” app as a substitute for top and bottom buttons works wonders. its a software widget that sits above the screen and can be mapped to your liking with both system toggles as well as application shortcuts.

i currently have it customized to: Back, recent apps, home, power (for power/reboot/power save) and lastly weather (the better weather version of the two) on my optimus pro.

hardly use the buttons at all at this point, just 1 press to wake and thats it (or use raise to wake). if “tap to wake” screen is somehow created, wouldn’t use the buttons at all.


Great app thanks you

looks future proof ! :+1::+1::+1:

it was recommended by @Jonathan_Bickel and i must say it’s a pleasure to use.

which weather app do you use :sun_behind_rain_cloud:

there is the “simple” weather which has a black background from the pull down on the main watch face.

then there is the “detailed” weather app which is located in apps drawer, it has a full color blue background, once tapped on in the center after updating, it also shows 5 day weather forecast !

that is the weather app i use and have mapped to my smart touch pro.

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oke thanks i have a look

It was a while ago, but I had a partial refund from the seller. After the intervention of PayPal. I had the back button repaired at a local shop and works okay again. And have a written statement that the guarantee remains. I am satisfied.:crazy_face:

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