Assistant app (QRcode connection) with FAW

Hello dears - nice meeting you all.
I recently installed the FAW 1.3 on my Lemfo14 and i am happy with it - using as medical device and i can run it for a full 24 hours day.

I would like to see how wiiwatch 2 would work with an iPhone - but i have no assistant app hence i can’t generate pairing QRcodes. Yes i know wiiwatch 2 is not suggest :smiley: but still i’d benefit from some notifications from my business phone. I can’t install watch droid as i don’t run android on my mobile anymore.

Any solution?


Wiiwatch 2 has been removed in the FAW firmware for some reasons. If you want to use it, you’ll have to flash back the original firmware.
Sorry, but this is the only possibility.


Cheers, i guessed that.

WiiWatch is deliberately not going to work on this firmware due to the huge security problems with it and the servers used.

Watch Droid is far superior and safe.
But - Apple has made it impossible to use apps like these.
So these solutions (WiiWatch or Watch Droid) are only going to work on an Android phone.

A good tip to remember is - if the app is Chinese and uses Chinese Web servers or Chinese cloud storage - DON’T USE IT!!


Watch Droid works perfectly but not on iOS.

The idea of using Wiiwatch on a company phone sounds to me like a justification for summary dismissal…:wink:


lol - probably true if used on a corporate phone :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip!!! I guess that won’t apply to e-commerce platforms? :smiley:

Impossible i’m afraid - the company is mine :D.
By the way, the reason i asked was indeed to clarify that the absence of such apps was due to security issues - first thing i did on my Lem14 was removing stock without even thinking so…

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I have no idea what you mean when you say the company is mine?

Again - not sure what you are talking about - but in most situations - what I said stands true.

Of course - if your company is Chinese - you have no problem at all :slight_smile:

It’s a company phone, but he’s the owner of that company. So nobody will give him notice of termination…:grin:

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Ha ha good
But say hello to your data in an insecure cloud :grin:

Well! That’s is true i am the owner of that company but i’m also wise enough to consult with before making stupid decisions with my data privacy with apps i’ve never heard of nor used. Thanks both for the recommendations.

Great - all good then.
Watch Droid is awesome for Android phone users.
The newer stock tethering app - may work with iPhone but data security is not good.

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