How minimal can you run A10 watches?

I’m seriously considering an Android 10 watch to run 2 applications to monitor my blood glucose and control my insulin pump: a patched Dexcom G6 app (BYODA) and AndroidAPS. I am not interested in runnning any other apps on it - just those two. I need bluetooth on and connected all of the time (BYODA gathers blood glucose measurements from a Dexcom sensor/transmitter every 5 minutes and AAPS reads insulin pump status, calculates current and future insulin requirements and sends commands to the pump about every 3 minutes, also communicating with the pump by bluetooth) and would like to use a SIM to upload data to a cloud-hosted database, where I can access it on other devices (as can anyone else to whom I give the address). The data transferred is not much so I think I could live with a 3G data connection, rather than 4g. To maximise battery life, I want to run the watch in the most minimal/low power state possible, subject to my requirements above.

So, my first question is: how many features can I disable? In particular, can I disable the heart rate monitor, pedometer/gyroscope and other sensors?

My second question is: is there a firmware available for the higher-end watches, like the Kospet Prime 2 or Optimus 2, that does not have any Google apps or services and from which ou can easily remove any unwanted default apps and services?

I’ll answer the 2nd question at first: deleting apps is quite simple:
-How to delete installed Apps on Android 10


Hi . If you read on this forum the FAW firmware has been modified to get the best battery performance on the Prime 2 and Optimus 2 . Lots of the battery draining rubbish has been removed . Also apps etc can be disabled within settings or removed so you can have running a bare minimum


Thanks Doctor.

I’ve read about the FAW firmware and it seems like a no-brainer but it’s not a de-Googled firmware like, for example, LineageOS, is it? I guess that I can probably get to something close using FAW as a starting point.

Can you still get a bluetooth conection with GPS turned off? Bluetooth requires location services on, doesn’t it?

Thanks! :+1:

You can use Bluetooth while GPS is turned off.