Android smart watch TK6 ultra watchfaces

Hello guys, so basically the thing is I have a full android smart watch named (TK6 Ultra) it’s a Chinese smart watch with android 8.1 and comes with 4GB RAM so the thing is that it has a launcher which has some clock faces but sometimes I would notice (1% chance) that the launcher would load some other clock faces that I had never seen so that’s why I became curious and using apk editor got inside the apk file and found out that the launcher has literally more than 30+ watch faces installed yet it load only 10 at a time so I extracted the apk of the launcher through my watch and tried to modify it and get it to install back into my watch but unfortunately that apk file is not installable either on my phone nor on the watch even the base launcher (non modified) won’t install on the watch and so bcz of that I understood it’s impossible to get it to work but then I got an idea since I have the whole launcher apk file maybe I can somewhat make an identical launcher with it and install it to my smart watch but Idk how I can send you guys the link of the launcher apk too if you want I rlly wanna change my clock face it’s gotten so boring

If you install " universal launcher " all the hard work has been done for you.

This is why we do not support nor recommend these cheap watches with a stripped down version of android


Yeah man agreed the whole android is literally cut into half by the vendor but still whatsoever the experience of the watch is good and smooth well anyways let’s get to the point. I had tried universal launcher before but it doesn’t have many clock faces available for rectangle smart watches but is there a way possible for me to use those clock faces which i found in the base launcher to be used in universal launcher cuz they r rlly good and pre made so yeah if you want I can send you one of those launcher clockface file?

If you have extracted them in clockskin format you can add them manualy to the clockskin folder and use them with Universal launcher also. Otherwise you might start to create some custom faces. The best software to do this is watchface designer, you can find it here in the forum.

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I have ordered one of the Ultra One watches… I am not looking for it to be a main
standalone smartwatch, but will fit it with a spare sim I have. I have looked at the specs so far and the fact its got a camera… good storage, decent battery, and GPS and the price on offer at the mo, I think it will suit my needs… I will do a full test on it and report back here with my findings…

Which one have you ordered ? The reason i ask is we will have an announcement soon

How do I extract them in clockskin format? These r the files I got from the launcher

The reason I wanna use them is cuz they r specifically made for my watch so they’d be good

Sorry, but it won’t work this way. If you want to use this faces, you’ll have to use the stocklauncher.

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yeah that’s what confuses me stock launcher does not load all clockfaces it loads only 10 and sometimes (that rarely happens) it would load other clockfaces that I don’t usually get when using stock launcher idk how does that happen or why but rarely going back to home from an heavy app that causes launcher to start again 0.001 percent it happens it changes the loaded clock skins

but honestly i will make a watch face using the files from those stock watchfaces

I recommend you use the Universal Launcher and design your own watchfaces. There aren’t many square watchfaces here in the forum, every single one would be a real asset to the community.
Creating watchfaces is challenging and fun. You are also assured of recognition from the community.

i think mines is a bit rectangle not completely square also can you possibly link me step by step guide to make watch face?


It’s a tutorial for round watchfaces, but you can choose the watchsize.

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I’d prob recommend u not get this ones cuz I think I heard its 2gb or 1gb ram it’s gonna be rlly slow

Myself and @G1NT0N1C have purchased many of these watches and recommend none of them

Deep dive and Device Hardware info app says 3gb on this vid…

please have a look at the navigation functionality, is the GPS connection any good, how long does it take a google map to load, etc


I have ordered one… there is more than meets the eye to this one and I have been keeping a close eye on the products coming out over the past 2 years … (I had a LEMT when it first came out)

The reviews I have seen online show a fast fluid OS and the chip is a 4 core ARM device.

I dont expect it to perform miracles at $50 either, but I
will report back with a deep dive including GPS functionality when it arrives.

The vid I posted above shows the map functionality at around 34mins. Maps load pretty quickly too.