ANDROID dial ( APP syst )

here is an android dial .
i have add touch option :

I test them with my kospet prime 1 watch (32gb)

(( for dial 1.6 inches with a resolution of 400 x 400 ))

version whit rotation and no rotation :

version without the black and white rotation :

android green digital ( APP syst ) v 0.4

android green digital ( APP syst ) v 0.4 no rotatif


Great job . Love it :+1:

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thanks you Dr_Andy_Vishnu :slight_smile:

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Very nice. I really like the Android figure, hinting that we have a real Android watch :ok_hand:, which none of the other types are. And the app shortcuts are also very nice. Personally I’d prefer the white rotating field to be dark grey, close to the black colour. I find the white too dominating and making the watchface difficult to read.

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thank you for your opinion :+1:
I played with the colors white, green and black.
the white and black rotating field rotates with the seconds
have you tried it on your watch?

Yes, and I have trouble reading the side with white. Trying to modify the white myself, but not much luck yet…

This works better for me :smiley:

I made another version without the black and white rotation

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you removed my signature. I am very disappointed :pensive:signature

He will surely put it back once you have become famous for your watchfaces

Hi @floon,

I am sorry it looks like that - I have unzipped the file, edited 1 image by name image1.png (made the White Grey), zipped it again and installed.
I doubt that signature was in this rotating image ?

Actually, please zoom my picture, and you will see that it is still there, only the dark grey text on black background makes it very faint. And I guess the bad quality of my picture too makes it faint.

I have no reason whatsoever to remove your signature. Please trust me.


OK OK I trust you thank you

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I’m not looking to be famous.
I share my dials for the pleasure
does respect mean anything to you?
you need have become famous to be respected?

But I wonder, why don’t I have those battery symbols in the bottom, which you show ?

this is the sector charge icon

Sector charge ? Some WearOS watchfaces have watch and phone charge, but I don’t think we can get that on our OS. But what is sector charge ?

when you plug in the watch you will have the symbol of charging (sector was not the right name) for me sector sété the electricity 220v or 110v

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Ok, so it’s the symbol of charging :blush:
I just didn’t get it because the percentage isn’t the same as in the top battery status, and within the watch there can only be one number (as we can’t see the phone charge).

Again, feel so bad that I made you think I removed your signature. I have only very positive memory of your contributions to the community!
It’s really the quality of my picture combined with the dark grey font.

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I trust you, you have reassure me :+1:

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