Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 2&4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

I thought he had just purchased an APPLLP 2 pro which is just like the LEM 16.
A Z40 model.
I think he was referring to the older watch he had which was the SE…
But I could be wrong…lol


We shall see lol :grin:

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Thank you very much for your help and advice. I have already tried the WatchDroid application with my old KW98 watch. I am waiting for Lokmat Appllp 4 pro to arrive, but unfortunately, instead of sending the watch, Banggod keeps showing the estimated shipping date one day later every day. I ordered it on April 20th, then they promised that it would be delivered by May 10th. Today, the order information says: Estimated to ship before May 31, 2024. Could it be that they no longer manufacture the Lokmat Appllp 4 pro?

If it was not available, you would not have been able to to purchase it.
Sounds like a post or customs issue to me.
But, I have to say that we have no idea about sales, delivery etc…
Hope it arrives soon :+1:

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Dunno, official Lokmat seller in aliexpress have enough stock to fill up a little town with their watches if they wanted :sweat_smile: So that’s probably something about banggood warehouse

The strange thing is that Banggod constantly changes the price of this watch, advertises sales, gives discounts, but does not deliver. When I first ordered this watch, it was priced at $270 USD. It was not shipped, the expected shipping date was continuously increased by one day every day. Then they advertised a sale, dropped the price to $210, and promised a much earlier delivery date on the main website than what was listed in my order details… I then canceled the order and requested a refund. I received the refund. I bought a Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro, but with this one, the SIM is not available when the watch is connected to my phone via bluetooth. So later I ordered the Lokmat Appllp 4 Pro again. At that time, the price was 210 USD. But they don’t shipping. Every day they promise a expected shipping date one day later. Now they have raised the price to $300 USD and are promising an earlier delivery date than my order. On Aliexpress, Lokmat Appllp 4 Pro is priced between $370 - $480.
Anyway, I’ll keep waiting…

I must admit that I have always had problems with Banggood and I only buy from the brands these days.
Banggood is slightly cheaper but almost always hassle :confused:

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I’m glad your problem is fixed :+1: