Android 10 watches potential

with the A10 smartwatches and their better hardware, is it possible now to create custom ROMs? Is updating the OS to A11 possible?

I would say it is possible, and that it was also possible before, but it is just as difficult as it was before

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Not to mention that due to global silicon crisis - MTK chips are now harder to get and Unisoc will be used until they also become harder to get.

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The international firmware that is realeased for the A10 watches is considered to be a custom ROM right? since it is developed by the developers of this website rather than the OEM

No, it is me and @none working with the solution provider. It is not a custom rom.
I think I made it pretty clear in the release threads.
The OEM is a factory.
The solution provider is the company that provides the board design and firmware for the OEM’s and it is closed source.

They asked us to make a variation of their firmware that would be more suitable for international users who use Google apps.

For example - what I wrote in the top post here


And this is bad news for most people who like to mess around with root

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Still I need root to delete some apps that I don’t need. These apps can consume power unnecessarily. Same as what we do with our phones.
By the way is it possible to use ADB commands to remove system apps if we don’t wanna root?

You might have a look at this:
-How to delete installed Apps on Android 10


Exactly that’s the ADB method I referred to. Thanks for sharing the post

I noticed xda has an updated post about this…

However, remember that when you factory reset - the apps will be back again no matter what method you choose. This is because the “super” image will always remain intact.

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Yup, I tried it on my Note 20 Ultra nad it works perfectly. Factory resetting gets everything back and I find that to be fine since you might delete something by mistake

Yes, I agree. At least this is safe

So this is proven to work on A10 watches?

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yes, tried it and it works

Can we delete the assistant app, the wiite store and com.wiite.home which I assume is the default launcher. Would it also be okay to delete the files app as I already use a third party file manager. Also what about the theme app can that be deleted too and if so will it remove the stock icon pack.

The store and the assistant app can be removed without any problem.
I would be cautious with the standard launcher and the file manager. You can try it out, but make sure you have the required firmware on your computer so you can flash it if necessary.


Do you have to flash firmware if anythings goes wrong, factory resetting it should be fine right. Also I haven’t even rooted the device.

If, for example, you can no longer access the settings because you deleted the standard launcher or you triggers a boot loop, flashing the firmware is the only solution. The watch does not have to be rooted for this.
If you are not familiar with flashing the firmware, you should deal with this first.

Alright in that case I’m not uninstalling the stock launcher. However should any issues arise if I delete the theme app ,com.wiite.wiitetheme .
Thanks for helping me,I’m new to this forum and unaware of the watch’s software.