Android 10 has landed - official announcement

Hi all.
We were given the green light to let you all know that the speculation about Android 10 is over.

In a few weeks time you will be seeing a few different brand designs incorporating the new solution.

The board is an 8 core p22 packing of 4gb ram and 64gb of storage !!

It is a pretty nice combination and has taken many months of hard work to get here.

It was no joke trying to get this running and I hope you think it is worth it.

So, currently there are a few Chinese market only (domestic) versions on offer - but very soon now you will be seeing the international models released.
Brands like,
Ckyrin, will all be involved I suspect.

We have been unable to talk about this until now, but after some stuff was found yesterday - we were happy to know that we could share this news with you too.

I expect the next few months will be very interesting indeed :+1:

By the way, I have deliberately not posted any photos because I intend to add these tomorrow and thereafter.



This might be the watch I’ve been waiting for…
Decent android version and enough memory to store all my music.


Great news Pablo!!

I can’t wait to see what choices we have.

Sorry Pablo to have unveiled the new processors that will equip our future watches.

It was on the internet and I was so happy to share my discovery.


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Ha ha ha, hey @Teebow
It’s all good.
Kospet actually spilled it a few weeks ago but I had to ask them to take it down at the time.

Thanks for the videos and all that you do.
Given the name of your channel and that we are all in the same game for so long now - how would you feel about joining the channel to the forum?

Just food for thought…
It seems to make sense but it’s obviously up to you :handshake::handshake::+1:

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Well, @pablo11 did as promised. I dont like to hear “in a few weeks…”. Hope in a few days

I hope you are joking.

Hi @pablo11
Yes I had also seen this new processor in the Kospet Prime 2 but it was a rumor.
There is now a certainty with your ad. :+1:
What do you mean by: “how would you feel about joining the channel to the forum?”

@Madichdon Pablo said the “next few months” and not “the next few weeks” hahaha.
Me too I hope in a few days.

I am not worried in battery performance in 12nm fab, if it’s at least real 800mah battery.

But the problem is, will the chipset can show it’s true worth? I am pretty sure with fitness app mobile data+gps+screen on will cook your hands lol :crazy_face: especially if it runs at least 4 core. but if it limited to one core run with the fitness app I believe the results will different.

I’ll send you a PM about it.

Actually I would expect to see something by mid September or so…

So think weeks not months.
I would assume there will be a big rush to get done in time for the sales or thereabouts…

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International resellers Kospet, Lemfo etc must sell at the same time as Chinese sellers because as soon as I see a novelty in China I share it directly on my youtube channel :slight_smile:

Lemfo had put pressure on me to stop making that but thanks to that, it makes them move a little faster!

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Well, it is almost the same hardware but not quite…
You can see the difference if you have both in your hands.
Both domestic and international I mean.

Quite often the domestic model are not what they say.

Remember the Genesis fiasco?
The domestic model only had 1gb ram. Even though it was reported as 3gb in the system…

So there are subtle differences that many regular people would not notice.

It’s true that the Chinese first have the prototype even if sometimes there are a lot of them and we also have the prototypes I always talk about the Genesis lol.

In any case, it’s normal that the Chinese have their watches first because it’s they who manufacture and that’s also why I think they have the prototypes that the factories want to get rid of by tampering with the specifications.

After international resellers modify the software improve the quality and make fake sales and fake reviews on aliexpress (LEMFO) …

Oh yes absolutely.
It’s always the way and always will be.
No problem.

Actually, they don’t modify the software or anything.

That is done by the central company and is done by order.
Factory order

When I said change the software I meant that international resellers put their brand name when starting the watch.

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Hope the rumored 2.1 inch are true and hopefully it’s a square display…
The round display looks better as a watch but is quite unusable for Android. And a round 2.1 inch display is just giant to wear…
And what about the 1880mah battery Mr. Pablo11?
Can you give a confirmation hint? :wink:

Display would be < 1,8 inch and battery < 1300mAh. Thats a watch, design need be nice. Battery 1800 mAh make it become ugly

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