Android 10 firmware for LEMFO LEMT DM100 3+32g

Hi, Can some one please let me know if there is a plan to make Android 10 firmware available for LEMFO LEMT DM100 3+32g ? Please share the link if already available ? or any compatible firmware based on Android 10 ?

No, sorry. Maybe the open watch team will publish anything someday. Not sure. No “normal” firmware update, that’s sure.

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As gin says, we want to publish it someday, but not for now.

There is a build that I have sent to a few people that required it (because they use their device for medical reasons, although we’re not responsible for malfunctions), but it’s not ready for any serious use yet. It has lots of problems, mainly battery does not charge.


Just wishful thinking, but it would be nice if if could also run on the watch that must not be named someday. On the hardware side it’s a really nice improvement over the LEM T, but the firmware is bollocks. (As a non-Briton am I allowed to say bollocks?)

someday I would expect someone will release a watch that looks like the lem t and comes with android 10 directly from factory

Haha maybe, although the stock firmware is not always the best firmware :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If anyone donates one of those devices to the OpenWatch Team, then yes, we can try to support it, but otherwise it’s going to be hard (very different hardware)

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Can you please share the build link here as well ? or atleast with me ?

@iscle would really appreciate if you can share the android 10 firmware for LEMT which you mentioned earlier.

As Iscle mentioned before: They aren’t planing to publish it for the moment. Maybe later. Please be patient.

I used this watch for a medical reason and the app I use works with Android 9 or later. I thought I could use that android 10 firmware, As you both mentioned before…will wait and wait and wait…