Analog StepCounter Problem

Hi guys, i am making a watchface from my design at watchmaker, but translating it to clockskin…
I managed to get everything working BUT the analog step (x1000) counter

Would anyone enlighten me for how to get this working?
I tried angle and direction tags but no result… The thing I did at watchmaker was getting step variable (ex: var_step), but it is hidden as scale zero… And i define rotation degrees of the scaled minute hand to var_step/1000*180+200
where 1000 is the divider of step (x1000) counter, 180 is the arc text curve area from 0 to 10, and 200 is the starting angle

But in clockskin.xml, i cannot insert the formula to rotate tag… And no rotate_step, only array_step for digital display, not for analog…


You might have a look at this one. It’s a simple solution that will work on most launchers.
There are a new araytype for Nnew clockskin engines, but I haven’t use it for now.

-Samsung Galaxy watch


Thanks brother… it is so correct, but already compiled, and without the source code, i cannot find what to do unfortunately…

Are there any help file for this WFD and how to insert new rotation type besides hour, min, seconds, etc (hopefully STEP rotation type)?