Always on time latency

I’ve just got a new Optimus Pro because I wanted a watch with always on time. The problem is it only seems to update every 3 to 4 minutes. I don’t know if it’s a bluetooth connection problem (I’m tethered rather than using a sim and the app constantly says “re-pairing”) or some kind of setting or it’s just defective. tia

Hi . This is normal i am afraid . Thankyou

Thanks for the reply. Wow, I’m so disappointed. I can’t believe that none of the reviews I watched on youtube mentioned it. I wouldn’t have bought it If I had known. Is there any hope of a firmware fix?

If you use Eric’s Universal Launcher, it has an own always on funktion. This one updates more often.


It is 180000 msec. So 3 minutes. I already try to change it to 1 minute but after comiling the apk the “always on” setting is gone from display settings :frowning:

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Great if you can do it but maybe 3min is better to save battery.
Do you think is possible to add that feature to kospet Prime? Thanks

3 minutes is wierd. Makes no sense for a clock.
Dunno if you can add it to Prime. Needs some extra files as lib and settings.

Yes, but is multiple of 15,30,45,60 and save battery for sure

It seems so odd not to update every minute. It doesn’t make sense that it would save any significant amount of battery. It obviously has to keep track of time anyway, and I admit I don’t know much about oled displays but I think it has to constantly redraw the watch face anyway. Changing the graphic once per minute cannot be computationally expensive. I’m just staggered that I’ve gone and bought a watch that doesn’t tell the real time.

Thanks for the tip G1NT0N1. I tried Eric’s unversal launcher but I’m not keen on how it takes over the whole ui and I couldn’t get it working properly. The face it uses has animated batons that would annoy me and when I tries to change the face, it only showed on face and I couldn’t swipe or select. I may try again tomorrow when I have a full battery.

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You need to install skins with UL, any skin…
I think @iscle did some tweak on always on…


Yep! That’s true :slight_smile:

The default implementation updates every 3 minutes. I did a mod for it to update every 1 minute, and I was planning to implement ClockSkin support too, but that is still a work in progress.

@Filfthy if you want, I can send you my test app, so that you can install it and have it update every minute. It’s a Magisk Module, so you will need root to install it. Beware that this does use a bit more battery, as the CPU wakes up more often…


If the main cpu cores are used for AOD then it will eat power indeed.

But I had the impression that the Mediatek MT6739 had special hardware for AOD.

No, AOD just wakes the CPU, draws the new image (showing the time) and sleeps the CPU again. However, the CPU can sleep even with the screen on because the screen drawing is handled by the kernel.


Hi @iscle . I’d like to try your test app but I’m a bit vague on how to root my watch. Am I in serious danger of bricking the watch?

if the battery consumption increases by no more than 20%, then I can join the testing

There’s nothing dangerous that can happen… Worst thing, you’ll need to reflash the entire firmware.

I will send it to you later via PM with some instructions.


Thanks @iscle, I really appreciate that.

Ok made a modded apk for AOD Time. Update once every minute. Dunno about power consumption yet.
I wrote test on the clockface to see the difference with the stock app.

You need root (for now) to install it. I will make TWRP zip later.

Commands I use to install it:

adb push WearAmbientClock.apk /sdcard/
adb shell
cd /system/app/WearAmbientClock
mount -o rw,remount /system
cp -p WearAmbientClock.apk WearAmbientClock.apk.ORG
cp /sdcard/WearAmbientClock.apk .



Same with Finow x7. I think it would be normal.