Always-on OR Touch-on Display for Kospet prime

I have searched for this topic on this forum but did not find any acceptable solution for this.
Always-on OR Touch-on display features are missing from Kospet prime. These are must-seen features on the latest firmware update of Kospet Prime. The display on arm raising feature is not very efficient and i also observed a delay of 2s in it.

Is there any app (which does not drain battery ofcourse) for these features?

Simple answer is no.
Always on will eat the battery quickly, you can try it with UL. Keep in mind that your screen can also suffer some burning.

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You are right Always-on can result in screen burn. But Touch-on display feature which displays screen on double tap for 5 ,10 or 15 seconds will not result in such burning issue, i guess.

Touch-on display feature can be added to the standard launcher as a firmware update.

It will eat your battery.


If screen remains ON for just 15 sec then i guess it will not eat much battery. Anyways, still if we press watch button screen becomes ON for 15 sec.

Unfortunately this is wrong. In order to notice the touch, the touch function of the screen must remain activated. Permanently. And this is exactly what eats up the battery.


You can try wakelock app which can make your watch always on for unlimited time, with display on or off (fit for watches that kept disconnected from bluetooth app such watchdroid)

Moved this here because the thread you wrote in was for the Watch Droid app and the question was already answered about that app.
The reason why this option is not included in that app is because - if the device was not designed to have screen always on - it can ruin the screen very quickly and use all the battery power.
So your post has been moved here where always on screen was once a topic for discussion.
We don’t want people to get the wrong impression and get screen burn in and other problems just because it is possible to do it.



I got your email, thanks.
But I think it is likely to cause more harm than good and seems to be taken from @Eric_Crochemore launcher - right …?

Forcing the non amoled screen to be on all the time will definitely:
a) display failure much faster than usual
b) battery failure much faster than usual

Why would you do it?