Alading Y7 - watch with built-in earbuds

I took a chance and bought one of these Y7 4G Video Call Camera 2MP Smart Horloge 8 Core Gps Wifi Ecg Bloed Zuurstof Druk Android 9 Smartwatch met 2 Bluetooth Oortelefoon| | - AliExpress and I’m glad I did.

In terms of hardware it has everything we’re used to, plus

  • built-in BT earbuds (!)
  • blood oxygen, blood pressure, body temperature, EKG (!!)
  • flip up case like the LEM13

The earbuds are not high-end but better than you might expect, and certainly adequate for podcasts and videos, and in a pinch for music. I can’t speak to the accuracy of the new sensors but in my limited testing they seem to produce reasonable results. It’s solidly built but I don’t know the quality of the internals.

Where it falls a bit is the firmware. It’s Android 9, but not as crippled as the last A9 watch I tried. For one thing apps aren’t restarted after booting, but once they are started they aren’t killed. Also 3rd party launchers almost work but not quite. There are one or two other issues I can’t think of at the moment.

My conclusion: it may not be a daily driver, but it could be a conversation piece if for example someone brags about what their Apple watch can do…


It sounds interesting Bozley! :+1: And how can you put a price on Bragging rights?! :rofl: Cheers, “Ok, so my Rolex may be a copy…but at least it is a copy of a Rolex”! :woozy_face: :crazy_face:, Doons

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Android 9, NO Support!


Correct, buy at your own risk.

Some of the reviews on AliExpress mention poor battery life. This must be from heavy use and/or unfamiliarity with FAWs. With light use/standby I’m getting excellent life, better than the most recent “mainstream” FAWs. One caveat: I don’t use a SIM in my watches.

I did a use case comparison. Listening to 1 hour of music on earbuds took about 18% of battery on the Y7, and 14% on the LEM16. Not all variables were controlled for.

I still have to reinforce that this is not a good idea for most people.

I appreciate your honesty about it :+1:

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Turns out there is a setting to allow apps to start on booting. So in terms of app compatibility and apps starting and running as expected I can now recommend this watch.

HOWEVER, there are still important limitations I haven’t found workarounds for, namely notifications don’t seem to work at all, you can’t use your own watch faces (at least not in the usual way), and 3rd party launchers don’t quite work.

There will be no official support in the forum but I can answer questions.

So 3rd party launchers can work. It requires an adb command; I’ll post details if requested. With Universal Launcher installed custom watch faces also work.

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