Accessing hidden setting for Android8.1

Hi guys,

I currently own a smartwatch running Android 8.1

I was trying to install and configure the Microsoft phone link with it but it is a bit of a challenge as some settings are not available on that watch.

I’ve already posted a tip on how to access the Notification access panel using an app called Glimpse Notification. For some reason , when asking for the access, this app is able to open the settings and you can enable any apps from there.

The other issue is having access to the Accessibility settings. I have found that the “Hidden Settings for MIUI” is able to reach more settings than the other methods.

In the app, go to the activities and go down to the activity Settings. Under this one, there is 190 activities available. Not all of them work, but the “Accessibility” settings does work.

And i was able to activate Phone Link as required.

I do not know if this tip will work on all smart watches, but I had a lot of new settings available that are hidden by default.

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It’s a whole lot easier if you use this

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Thanks Pablo.

I tried it but it does not work. The issue is that it invokes the settings as the default so it just opens the altered view of the settings and not the direct activity setting.

Maybe the is another way but i had to use the app i mentioned to give it the accessibility access so it could do a few things.

This watch is really strange and not like my Lemfo/Ticwris models.

Have a great day!