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Bro… where I can find faces for DM368 watch? Hope u can guide me

Do we need a sub category ?
I would like to be able to easily identify the group of watch faces which have touch sensitive fields, is that “area 100” only or are there other standards?
And to know whether they can show datafields from external providers, like the complications on “Wear OS” or is this not an option on this platform.
Or can they start user select-able apps for easy access right from the watchface?
Can all Watchmaker faces be used on the Prime, also those made for Wear OS, or do they need to be made for Full Android Watch ?
Is there somewhere a table with watch faces and a cross for each feature they support ?

Just found the post describing how to make any watchface into area100 and determine yourself what to open when clicked :slight_smile:

So this kind of eliminates the need for a table over watchface features, since we can just modify them ourselves.