A8.1 developer options

Most of these unsupported A8.1 watches lock you out of developer options. Well here is a app that will allow this -

If you do not get the option to open app / enter settings install settings search and open the app this way.

Tested on the A8.1 - X11


Great find mate! I’ll check it on my A8 watches. Some if them will be great if I can get access via ABD. :+1:

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Now I have a reason to buy one of these Oreo watches. Thank you!


That’s really helpful if I decide to go with A8.1 watch which seems more and more likely because of my current circumstances. Thanks for sharing.

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Your welcome. Thankyou👍

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Your welcome. Glad it will help :+1:


Hey can someone explain how this finding is great ?
What can someone do with this ?
Thanks in advance im new to these kind of stuff and ready to learn !

Access to the developer options enables the use of ADB (Android Developer Bridge). This way, you can connect the watch to a PC and make changes directly, such as changing the screenout time or removing system apps.


I am guessing this works only if the developer options are pre-enabled on the watch and just hidden, correct? No way to enable them if they aren’t already and tapping on build number does nothing, right?

Thats correct. They are hidden on A8.1 watches. This gives you access

I have follow the method and it work, but there are no Google Play Store to install apk as I own cheap Ds9 smart watch.Android 9 (4gb ram 64 rom) as it claim, maybe fake (should be 8.1 instead).
May I seek advice from you how to install Google Play Store and it depend libraries.

You may want to try other known stores such as Aurora Store. PlayStore and all Google Services must be installed from factory

I see, that’s a shame. Thanks anyways.

Thank you very much indeed.

by the way, can microG Project solve this problem?.

Which it’s alternate google play service compatible with all libraries of google features.

While microG is a good replacement to Google Services Framework (At some extend), it is unable to provide -as for the moment- Google PlayStore support. They are working on a overlay called Phonesky to ensure compatibility with licensing according to Google, but it won’t work if you forcefully install PlayStore as an APK since it must be installed as a system-app in order to work.


That how thing go to Google for many restriction over open source world which not making sense but making money.

And yet in the other hand, their working operating system onto safety did measure much to all of us as we all connected to a open world of all kind of danger, software virus, hack and etc.

Last butnot least, Thank you very much indeed.