4G Smartwatch V20max

Can’t sync watch and phone. When the bluetooth is activated, the phone signal and the watch signal are visible. I can’t sync through the app. Tried many apps and they all want to use QR code. I can’t find the QR code on my watch. Tried resetting to factory settings - didn’t help either. Help me please!
Watch name 4G Smartwatch V20max

Well, it’s Android 8. This operation system of this watch is quite limited and we don’t support it. I can’t help you, sorry.


If there is an Assistant app built in to your watch you should find the Qr Code tbere
Good Luck.

Android 8.1

Yes, as I told you.

That the problem. No any assistance and i can’t find QR code…

As I said, we do not support this watch. However, you can try downloading and installing Watchdroid from the Playstore. There are 2 apps, one to be installed on the watch and one to be installed on the smartphone.
If your watch allows installing apps.

Thanks. I will try

You mean Watch Droid Phone? Installed on the Watch and same app Installed on the phone?

“Watch droid phone” on your phone and “watch droid assistant” on your watch.


@Владимир_Бравов you can visit the support thread for Watch Droid here on this forum.
But just remember, there is no way we can provide any further assistance for your unsupported device :+1: