Zeppelin watch 100 years edition

This is a watch that was released for the 100th anniversary of the Zeppelin. A special piece of history. And - in my opinion - an exceptionally beautiful watch. I put a lot of work into the hands and the light reflection of the domed dial. I hope that the effort was worth it.

credits: -Zeppelin Uhren | POINTtec

download for Universallauncher: -zeppelin100.zip - Google Drive

Download for Stocklauncher: -zeppelin100Stock.zip - Google Drive




Beautiful. What is the thin visor in the left dial showing ?

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The thin hand displays batterypower and the thick one is month.

The power one is not correct on my watch then, but could be because I use STD launcher on previous FAW firmware (Prime 2). It seems to go the wrong direction, shows 22% with 72% left. And it is increasing as power level decreases.

Ok, give me a second…

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Try this one:
-link deleted-

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I don’t see any change. I am pretty sure I loaded the new st version. I tried twice.

Ok, I’d added some emty layers. If it doesn’t work, I have to try another way. I’ll have a look tomorrow and let you know, thanks for reporting.

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WAOOO, it’s wonderful … I love it. Please, SL, I want it in both versions.

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Thank you, @vladimir_lutzu . A stocklauncher version will follow. In fact, the 2nd one I published should work on Android 4 and 5 Stocklauncher. But I will publish a version for Stocklauncher A7 and higher, too.


Amazing, thanks.

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Thank you, @Joao_Nascimento . I put some hours into it…

@Dotsfar and @vladimir_lutzu I’ve added a link for stocklauncher 7.1 and higher at the top of the post. Should work now…
Please let me know. :handshake:

Definitely better, but power needle not very precise, see

It seems the numbers 70 and 90 were left out, making it a difficult formula to get the needle correct I suspect, as the scale is not equal around the side of the circle, but mayhaps logarithmic or something.

Thank you. Could you try to take a picture at 50%?

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Thanks a lot. :ok_hand:

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How much percent battery atm?

When I took the screenshot it was 67%

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