Zeblaze Thore 4 smart watch . SMS Back and Whats app always

Hi Team

please check below three issues,

  • when open the whats app in my mobile it was always showing back up screen only. when select back button … it was opening the main menu … cant enter to view what’s app messages … every time needs to uninstall and install the app to view messages … it was very hard to do.

  • there was no option to go back from messages … back option was disabled in touch screen … watch back button going to the main menu. every time needs to restart the app …

  • while charging of Thore 4 smartwatch, when touching the watch menu button getting shocked…

checked the attached images for reference 




Do you mean you always get to backup page and stuck there?


when I select whats app icon menu, it opens direct to back up the screen from the second time onwards. when I select back key in watch no use ( it was going to the main menu )… so it was hard to use every time reinstall the application. 

when I install it was ok. I am able to use as normal 

Dec 27, 2018 8:17:17 GMT 1 prakasam said:

go to settings and clear data of the app and when you open it make sure to disable backup and just do it manually and if it is the same whatsapp on you phone then backup it via your phone and leave it disabled on the watch, that is what i did when test it.

I am using my second whats app in my watch.

I think we cant use whats app at the same time in two devices. every time when we switch from phone <–> watch it must verify by SMS. it was another headake