Zeblaze Thor Pro 5 help needed

This is for a new member who needs help with a device that we don’t officially support.

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Hello. When I was trying to increase the image quality of my Zenmate thor pro 5th watch, which I just bought, the touch screen became inoperative, we did not touch it, it does not respond, so I cannot return it, only the on and off button and camera button on the right are working. I can connect to the phone via USB. what are the recovery methods what should I do please help detailed information please…

If you give me exact details of the watch model I will see if I can get the firmware for it.
It’s possible that you have a hardware problem with the touch panel.
But if you flash the firmware you will know for sure.
Is it a Zeblaze Thor Pro 5…?

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  • :relaxed: :relaxed: :kissing:* It’s great. Thanks for your feedback​:heart:I think I’m ready for whatever it takes to improve the image quality of the problem. It’s 04:46 in turkey. I didn’t sleep at all. I was able to do it. my watch is thor pro 5 i am sure of that.
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Is it possible that you can find a link to the exact watch on the internet?
You may not be able to post links yet so remove the https:// from the beginning of the link before you post it…

I will try to identify it to make sure I get the correct firmware.

I will need to know if it is 3gb ram and 32gb of storage, or 1gb ram and 16gb of storage?

Does it have a little black area at the bottom of the screen?

All these details are important unless you can access the settings menu and then “About Watch” and see the exact firmware version written there…?

PS, I created a new topic for you here :+1:

:hugs: :hugs: yes my watch 3-32gb subzone has blackness

:clap: :hugs: teşekkürler burada mükemmel bir dayanışma var.

I can’t understand what you just wrote…
But I will try to get the firmware asap and upload it for you.
It may take me a little while so probably best to check here tomorrow :+1::+1:

[quote=“pablo11, post:8, topic:64199, full:true”]
I can’t understand what you just wrote…
But I will try to get the firmware asap and upload it for you.

** :face_with_hand_over_mouth:** ok thank you sorry for the typo i don’t know english i am writing from google translate respect sir​:heart::+1::sos:

This is the only existing firmware I can find on the chinese servers
Make sure you research how to flash the firmware well

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I have already said that I don’t work with private messages - please don’t keep sending me messages!
The other problem is that we don’t support Zeblaze Brand.
Whatever you find here is mostly by members doing their own thing.
Zeblaze did not want to be part of the forum support network.

For root:
All you need to do is some research.
It’s been discussed here many times in various threads.
There is a TWRP Recovery request thread here as well…

You just need to use the search tool at the top of the forum.
If it’s Android 7.1.1 you need to use magisk manager and a patched boot image.

If it is Android 10 it will be a waste of time due to secure boot and signatures.


Does anyone know how to unlock bootloader on Thor 5? Fastboot command “fastboot flashing unlock” displays on watch screen information to press vol up vol down buttons but how to pass this? We have only power and back buttons. Adb commands to emulate vol up button doesnt work in fastboot mode. Any advice? Any help? Any info?

It can’t be done because of the button mapping required.
As far as I remember.

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Maybe there is some solution to remap the hardware buttons? I know that there is apps to remap hardware buttons but is that works on fastboot mode? Any ideas? :wink: ( generik.kl and gpio-keys.kl in system/usr/keylayout) ??

fastboot is part of the bootloader which loads before the system partition so I don’t think that’s going to work. why do you want to unlock it anyway? on the android 7.1.1 watches you can root and install custom recovery without unlocking the bootloader.


Hi can you please link me the latest firmware for zeblaze thor 5 which I think was released on 2020/06?

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I want to unlock it to have it unlocked :slight_smile: I know that unlocked bootloader give more possibilities to modding android. Do You have any link about custom recovery for android 7.1.1? Ive ported my recovery with TWRP porter but it doesnt work for me :frowning: Maybe i am doing something wrong.

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If you do this you will probably never get the keyboard to work properly again.
The touch panel gets screwed up as soon as you mess with the boot image.
Trust me on this

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