Zeblaze Thor 6 - Bluetooth Connection Unstable

I am totally new to this world of full android watches.
I have bought a Thor 6 and want it to receive notifications from my Nothing Phone (1).
I have installed Watch Droid, but I find Bluetooth connection is constantly failing.
I have disabled battery saving mode in my phone and allowed Watch Droid Phone to be open on background but it keeps failing.
I have seen here the recommendations for other watches but, as I said, I am new to this kind of watches and I don’t know if there are specific methods depending on the modelo.

I don’t know this model, but I think you have to enable “unrestricted data use”.

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It is enabled.
And Wi-Fi is ON. And I gave all permissions both in phone and watch.

And it keeps coming and going.

Try to restart the watch and phone and pair again.