Zeblaze thor 5 pro heating up

My first post and my first full Android watch the Zeblaze thor 5 pro.
So far enjoying the experience but seem to be getting varying battery life from 20 hrs to abour 30hrs bwfore charging. Not too impressed with this.
Also, watching tictoc for about 5 minutes, and the watch heated up to a point where I had to stop as was worried it would melt. Anyone have this experience with watching videos?

20-30 hrs for this watch is good . Are you watching with wifi and 4g on ? These watches can get warm . Try switching to 3g . Thanks

Screen Thor5Pro Warm verry Quick.
please try install Dimmer App to you watch. make low Bright screen.
because Thor5Pro Display it super bright make.
i’m Stop 4G and Stop Wifi Connnection and Use Bluetooth share from phone Only.

Well, so i take off always on display, take over raise hand to display time, take off bluetooth, location, wifi, 4g and i now have a strap on my wrist that acts as a paperweight…and have to go to my phone anyway for time, and calls.
Not my idea for this watch…i really bought it so i could leave my phone at home to jog and run erands away from home without my phone.
Rethinking this concept…maybe back to paying 10$/month for LTE eSim service on my ticwatch pro…at least i can always have time displayed and make/receive calls without phone…although at a greater cost.

please look at this SmartWatch Review play VDO and scan temp all watch. it warryhot i think
Full AndroidWatch Same Phone it use CPU MTK same only TicwatchE or TicWatchS
TicWatch Pro use Wear2100 for CPU
today i’m not use Thor5pro keep in desk.
now i’m wating For Koronosblade Genesis.
because same you problem temp it hight my skin it burn :slight_smile:

Thank You Mr. Ticks For Review

Had this watch zeblaze thor 5 pro for about 2 weeks and already a cluster of about 10-20 dead pixels. I charged from 0% to 65% and had to remove off charger as was getting notification that battery was too hot.
I would avoid this watch at any low cost that comes around. Very disappointed.