Zeblaze Thor 4 Pro Crashed

Hi to all,

New to the forum and new to smartwatches.

I got my Thor 4 pro a week ago and i was really satisfied with the quality of the watch.

Today i tried to load a watch face found in this forum. It was installed perfect and when i tried to load it in the watch, then the watch crashed with a screen tried to continuously load the watch face.

It always shows a circular motion trying to load the face and has stuck there.

I can only have access to the menu showing Reboot, Power off etc. (I attach photo and video).

I tried to reboot many times but the problem still remains. I can not do nothing else.

Please any idea to solve this issue?

Thank you in advance…

VID_20190408_223432.mp4 (1.33 MB)

Usual issue with stock launcher. It could be useful to give a link on the faulty skin.
If you’re lucky, try the running app icon on your screen and look for settings. If settings is available, then reset your watch.
If not lucky, you have to flash your fw, look our YT channel tutorial for that.

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Thank you…

Sorry for being off topic but I have a similar watch and I was wondering if someone could help. When I don’t put any sim card I am wondering if i can see caller id on screen watch when someone calls my cellphone. Of course, zeblaze and phone are bluetooth connected but I cannot see anything on screen watch, I just feel a vibration but screen watch remains black. Thank you.