Zeblaze Thor 4 Pro blank gray screen

For some reason my Thor 4 Pro has a blank gray screen for hours and doesn’t respond to any gestures. This seemed to occur after the watch gave the temperature warning.
However, the power button works fine and offers all the options like shut down, restart, power save, recent tasks (no tasks showing at all). And also the watch is working fine in the background as I can hear notifications.
Then after rebooting or shut down, the logo shows and then again just has a gray screen.

Using the stock firmware as came when I received the watch. Not using a custom watch face. I don’t think the watch is set to developer mode so I doubt ADB would work?

Any clues for the Thor 4 Pro to get the launcher itself to reset without flashing? [Note - the firmware on this forum has been reported to be buggy with the brightness issue so I want to avoid that. I emailed service@zeblaze.com to see if they have the latest firmware but no word back yet.]

Yes you can try reset to factory if you can access the settings.

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I don’t know how to get to settings from a completely black screen that doesn’t accept any gestures (except power button with no recent tasks showing).