Zeblaze Thor 4 plus (locked screen)

Any expert knows how to unlock the screen on my zeblaze? I was using it fine until recently I found a pad lock appearing on the screen on wake up. Sadly, I’m unable to swipe and screen is no longer responding to my touch.

Thanks in advance

The only way is to flash the firmware.
As far as I know after many other people have tried and failed by adb etc

If you have any idea what the firmware version is and how much ram and storage you have I will grab it from the server.

Do you not recall setting a PIN or password? Have you held down the power button (for at least 5 or 10 seconds to reboot it or turn it off and then power it back on? Try that first and if after that it is not responding to any vertical or horizontal swipes I think the only legit solution is to try flashing firmware for it and doing a reset. Oops I see pablo11 was responding at the same time. Basically what he said…

It will reboot and ask for the code again.
It has to be enabled as you say.
It was probably done by mistake and now the only way out is to flash

Unless it was not actually enabled of course.

Yes that’s basically what I thought except the way he describe no response at all to swipes (i.e. not allowing a field to enter a pin or pass) made me think it might be locked up some weird way and might just need a reboot.