Zeblaze Thor 4 Plus Dead, Not Charging

Hi All,
I’ve had this watch for two days. It stopped suddenly (black screen) and I assumed the battery was flat. I’ve tried charging for hours but I still cannot turn it on. When I plug it into a PC I hear the sound of a USB device connecting and then quickly disconnecting. That is about all the info I can provide. Has anyone experienced this, got any ideas or is it dead?


Sounds like a common problem with this watch…

I’d prefer their problem where it still appears to be working. Mine is dead

I also have this kind of a problem witm my thor 4 plus and only after 5 months of use.
Is someone found the solution??

I have a same problem with my thor 4 pro.
Is someone found the solution?

I think the reason is corrosion on the charging dots because of the sweat. Scratch it a little and try it out.

I replaced the battery and got mine working again but it only lasted a week. I wouldn’t recommend these watches,