ZB Thor Pro - Display Issue

My FAW friends,

I have a zeblaze thor pro and its display went crazy all of a sudden. Tried to reset the watch by pressing both the buttons but to no avail.

Please suggest what steps should I take to bring back the screen.

It could be a loose connector inside watch but open it up as a last resort . I would turn off the watch and flash the firmware first . The lines suggest it could be a hardware issue


@Dr_Andy_Vishnu this is definitely a cable loose or more likely a hardware, screen issue.
Flashing will not fix this.
As soon as you see lines across the screen it’s not a firmware fault.
I don’t think there is anything that can cause this apart from the FPC cable getting pulled off and then attached while powered on - or hardware failure.

Best advice is to return it immediately.
In my opinion.


@pablo11 but this is an old watch and out if warranty. Please suggest.

Thanks Doc!. But will wait for Pablo’s nxt advice.

Your only option is to open carefully and see if cable detached . Be carefull . I have ruined many a watch . Good luck


There is no better advice… Sorry.

If there is no warranty then I support what @Dr_Andy_Vishnu has said already.

Just be extremely careful.
The screen FPC is usually quite easy to find and you need to reseat it.

Look for a rectangular silver end of a flat ribbon cable on the main board.
There are few of them.
The screen FPC is usually the longest one.
Shorter ones are battery and touch panel.
Sometimes they have a black spongy material on top of the silver plate on the end of the cable.

Here is an example of a board I use for testing. You can use the ribbon cables attached to the board.
Similar but not the same as the Thor Pro.

Just be extremely careful when you dismantle your watch.!!


Thanks a lot for this detailed reply. This really helps. Will give a try, though doing this for the first time.

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