You love Disney and especially Mickey mouse ? Well,

You love Disney and especially Mickey mouse ? Well, the Ambassador Mickey Watch is here for you :wink:

Original :

Link :!8tlkBQJY!s8FYFXCCG5yklK-EkWYGwhuziiUZ3OI1QuyV_nCBzNQ


Did you ask for permission from these guys before using their work?
Facerpro I mean…

I asked the creator “baldbear” and he was ok with it :slight_smile:

That’s great news. Thanks :+1:

like very much

can you upload in .apk?

Sorry but I’m only familiar with xml files

Ok, don’t worry

Not working. there is no background file.

The background is the “.img411.png” file, please upload a photo/screenshot of the problem, maybe I can fix it :wink:

Well, I downloaded the file and every png file is present, maybe try to re-download or unzip it (I use 7-Zip for that)

@Sebastien_QUEROL the problem is that some watches are unable to read files starting with the dot character (.). I’ve fixed that just removing the dot from the beginning of the file name and also their references in the xml file. Now it is working! Thank you bro!

All is well in the cosmos then ^^

Great watch face, have you made any others :smiley:

@Neil_Stapleton ​ Thanks ^^ and yes, I made three other faces a Fallout one (, a Rick and Morty one ( and a Metal Gear Codec (

Nice one cheers! :grin: