Yikes! Today Mobizen updated their main app, stripped the mirroring out,

Yikes! Today Mobizen updated their main app, stripped the mirroring out, put it in a different app, and changed their main app to be screen recording ONLY. The impact is that the Mobizen you have been using WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE.

To get Mobizen screen control again you need to download their new app, “Mobizen Mirroring” from the Play Store. Here’s the link:

Download this, get it up and running, and use it to get control of your watch. Then, use this new Mobizen Miroring app to navigate through the opening screens on your old Mobizen app (now Mobizen Screen Recorder) to get it configured if you want to use that recording feature on your watch, otherwise back it up with your App Backup and Restore app and uninstall it from your watch to free up space. You won’t need it for controlling your watch.

Just a reminder, when doing the dual authentication six digit number entry on your watch (yes, you have to do it all over again), if your screen is overtaken with your keyboard for data entry, back out of that and place a check mark in the box on the screen so this becomes a trusted link and you don’t have to do the dual authentication process again. Then enter the code and move on. Subtle, but a trip-up point if you’re not aware.

I stand by my statement that TeamViewer is easier :slight_smile:

i have root but i can’t move apps to the second storage where i have lots of place, i’m using move to sd card app but i do’nt have the option to move more apps, can anyone suggest how to do it? i put them on the watch on the second storage but when i try to istall them is says there is’nt enough space.

It’s always weird trying to move apps to “SD Storage” whan all the system, data, and SD storage is on the same physical chip. Have you tried Apps 2 SD from the market?

No, thanks I’ll try that with the s8 it was much easier :slight_smile:

Hi, try it with this aplication, Link2SD:

I used to move some heavy apps like spotify to the external SD.

Smartwatchticks, thank you so much for your videos. Your explanations are very useful :slight_smile:

Try what exactly ?

Link2SD can move app’s installed in the internal storage to the external storage but you need root. System apk (by default) can’t be moved.
Esta aplicación sirve para mover aplicaciones de la memoria interna a la externa. Las aplicaciones de sistema (por defecto) no pueden moverse. Es necesario tener rooteado el reloj.

But in reality - as already mentioned here on these pages - it’s all on one partition.
With the amount of space you have available for app installation already - why would you want to move your apps to another area on the same storage? The desired situation for a watch phone is to have only the apps you really need installed - otherwise your battery will drain extremely fast.

If you just want to delete unwanted system apps you can use mobile uncle or any other root app remover

I already have mobile uncle. I will check it. Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

I second the vote for Team Viewer. Works really well and can also transfer files. (although it’s much faster to just put in USB mode and transfer files). The only downside, each time I restart the watch I have to re-enter credentials for Team Viewer on the watch to find it…etc.