Yet another project with rewards offered. This time for our developers out there!


As some of you know - we have a working partnership with Wiiteer.
These are the people who make the solutions for all our watches here (pcb internals etc )

They are interested to know if any of you here would be up for creating apps or simple games for the watches?
This is a serious inquiry and sensible rewards offered for work.

I am posting this to understand if there is an appetite for this.

To be clear - this is not about to system - although it would be considered. But don’t expect to be given Kernel Source or stuff like that.

Again though - please let us know anything you would consider - even if it is OS related…

Please feel free to comment below and let us know.

If enough response data is collected then we may start a program like this.


FAW team.



Development of Android apps? Is that what’s being looked for?
I might be able to do it.

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ask Nicola @MyRunningApp_Staff he could put his myrunningapp as standard but in round form factor, or some other app.

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Actually I want to give suggestion about chipset.

If Wiiteer can influence something like, lets say “Mediatek roadmap” then it would be helpful to have a SoC with Cortex A35. with it’s very flexible and small die perhaps watch in size of 1.39in screen with 2000mah battery is possible.

And also depends on the result it will good enough for, well “country” military gadgets too.
Since capitalism and socialist is different after all.

Well, still hope for the source to be published though :sweat_smile:

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This is an interesting proposal to cooperate together to develop software for smart watches.


An app or solution for bluetooth calling will be great.

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I may or may not be working on that… :wink:


Ha ha :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Top secret :+1:t2:


An app that makes the heart rate sensor work with common running apps like runtastic, strava or others would be cool, maybe by mimicking a ble heart rate sensor…
Or continuous hr-monitoring. Should be possible with this big battery.

This is already possible with this app

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That would be great, an application that emulates a smartphone screen or just high resolution so we can download all the applications on the playstore.
Then reducing this virtual screen to the size of our smartwatches, the only difference is that it will be written very small.
I’m not a developer so I don’t know if it’s possible to make an application like this.

that’s kind of what the “Third-party Apps Adapter” setting does, for me it changes the resolution from 400x400 to 512x512, but I don’t expect it to make any more apps available in the play store

We would have to create an application that emulates a real smartphone to make the playstore believe that it’s a real smartphone instead of a smartwatch.

Can you give me an example of an app that you cannot download?
I just need to check if it due to type of device or or “uncertified” status

This volume control application: works on the finow q1 pro with the first version of the software which has a display problem or the top of the screen was blank.

When finow removed this bug with an update this application no longer worked and was no longer displayed in the playstore.
I have to go back to the old version of the software for it to work again and for it to come back to the playstore.

The gta 3 game is not displayed in the playstore with the finow q1 pro to make it work on this watch I have to download it on a smartphone then extract the apk to dropbox and then open dropbox on the finowatch to provide the 'install.

This app works on finow q1 pro only with the first software after updating nothing more at playstore and app removed from the watch:

In order for my smartwatch to remain in the configuration as in this video: I have to not update otherwise I have to install an old version of the software for it to work.

Anyone who has a finow q1 pro and wants to put their smartwatch as in the video, they cannot because they do not have an old version to install.

Unfortunately the Q1 is a sad example because Finow screwed it up and no longer have any R&D department.
In fact they only make BT bands now.

They contacted me about this problem and I verified it but that was 18 months ago and they are pretty much gone now…

It was something they messed up in the framework.

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Yes they screwed it up as you say lol it’s a shame because it had potential this smartwatch apart from the wobbly software.

Yes, a lot of angry customers :frowning: