Yazole Tachymeter Wristwatch

The Yazole tachymeter. A good example that stunning design doesn’t have to be prohibitive. In my eyes, this watch is more beautiful than anything that Rolex has brought to the market in the past 50 years. Strictly speaking, it’s 53 years…
You can buy this watch. At Aliexpress. For $ 8.49. I ordered two…

The Universal Launcher version has minute and hour hands that follow the light. Unfortunately, I have not yet succeeded this with Stocklauncher.


download Universal Launcher:-https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u9bguwczuLwO6UVnj0YyWrDNIJqzdwt_/view?usp=sharing

download Stocklauncher:-https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PItsIq_Z7nbA3Dh5VgPUlc76M3yTgTEK/view?usp=sharing




Top job my friend :wink::+1: . And in battery saving black :+1:

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Thank you, Doc. There is also a white one available…

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Nice watch, great job. It’s all about design …and of course, taste.

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Thank you, @vladimir_lutzu!

Master piece. @G1NT0N1C have you allready received the watch’s ?

Thank you, @SERZAO. No, I ordered them just a few days ago.

Give us feedback please. Its a great gift !!! Where did u ordered? I found it on Banggood but higher price that you payed

Have a look at Aliexpress…

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Tx a lot @G1NT0N1C G1NTON1C

You are welcome. I wouldn’t expect great durability for the money. That’s why I ordered 2…:wink: