XCY 2022 mechanism and glass

It is made as usual in 2 versions: SL and UL
XCY 2022

Link for SL: XCY 2022.zip - Google Drive
Link for UL: XCY 2022 ul.zip - Google Drive
Thank you for your attention


Amazing! Good job, thanks for sharing! :handshake:

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nice,thanks, whats the difference between UL and SL i assume its universal launcher and standard launcher ,but whats the difference and will both work on a full android watch

@Logan1 Thank you, you answered your own question, both work with any FAW but each for the launcher you have at the time

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very nice, congretulations ::

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Spot on as usual . Thanls

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Very nice indeed vladimir! :+1: I downloaded the UL one because @G1NT0N1C hounded me until I cracked and put UL on my Prime :crazy_face: :rofl: (But thats another story!) But could you tell me…just out of interest…what works on UL that doesn’t works on SL? Cheers, Doons

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ah right i get you…so my lem 16 is standard so i assume i have the standard launcher? so what are the benefits of having the universal launcher and where do i install one from?

@Logan1 You have the “stock launcher” which is what SL means.
Universal launcher is here on the forum and has its own support thread from one of our moderation team - @Eric_Crochemore

If you search for it, it’s very easy to find using the search function at the top of the site.

@vladimir_lutzu this is a great piece of work :ok_hand:
Thanks very much :+1:


Thanks Doons.The problem is that if you use the face created for SL with Universal Launcher, the day date will always remain at 1, the balance wheel does not work and the second hand will rotate counter-clockwise. :wink:


Many thanks for that clear, concise answer my wonderfully talented Friend! :+1: Cheers, “If you don’t know something…ask vladimir”! :rofl:, Doons
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